About this project

This is a non-profit project with the aim of promoting small-scale music productions from the Netherlands on the world stage. 
The reason for this initiative is because small labels and artists on the streaming services are not properly promoted. Fortunately, Dutch musicians continue to produce and release their own work. 
We know that there are still music lovers who are open to stubborn alternative music pieces from the Netherlands. In this podcast, we want to serve those kinds of listeners with independent music!

About the podcast options

All editions can be heard on this website, but you can also link them to your own podcast app.
You can copy and paste this link into your podcast app:


You can also follow us on the podcast channel iTunes, Sticher and Pocket Cast. Click on their logo to go directly to our page.

About our rss-feed

In your browser there is probably an orange RSS feed reader at the top right, with this you can subscribe to our channel.
This also allows you to listen to our podcast, while at the same time, you can visit other web pages.
New broadcasts will become automatically visible in your RSS reader. This is especially useful when you're only listening to podcasts at home behind your desktop.

About Ara Tamara

D.J. Ara is our anchor woman. She is the electric lady in difficult times and she likes small-scale music productions.
She plays music that has been released by independent artists and bands. She also plays tracks that are only available on bandcamp.com or youtube.
As an artist, you can also upload your own tracks on this website, which can then be included in this broadcast. When you send something you always get a response from us.

About Uploading

Participation is completely free, but no guarantee that your music will be played. We listen if the mix quality sounds a bit hospitable to our listeners. The music style does not matter. However, it must be somewhat alternative music and produced in the Netherlands. Music that is now hard to find on the internet and is not supported with big money, always takes priority with us. Simple recordings during rehearsals are usually too bad for our listeners. But we like to receive home taping and independent music albums. Surprise, we always answer your submission!

About the audio quality

The music that is played is provided by the artists themselves. The tracks come from their demos or files uploaded by the artist to the streaming media channels. The podcast volume is quieter (-14LUFS) than from a CD or radio program. You notice that especially in the car, where you have to turn up the volume a bit. This is done to give the sound more headroom, it sounds brighter, less distorted and more dynamic.